Our Labs

Our Lab

NINT 5-012

Our primary research facility.


  • Three AJA Orion co-sputtering PVD systems

    Create thin films of virtually any material or alloy, with in-situ reflectometry and stress measurements. Between the three systems, there is a total 17 deposition guns.
  • Four HyEnergy Sievert's Apparatus

    Volumetric studies of hydrogen adsorption and desorption.
  • Two TA Differential Scanning Calorimeters

    Gravimetric measurements of hydrogen desorption in powders or thin films
  • BET Gas Adsorption Equipment

    Used to measure surface area of nanostructures
  • Dimpler, Electropolisher, Grinder and Diamond Saw

    Sample preparation for TEM
  • Planetary Ball Mill

    Ball mill powder samples inside an argon glove box
  • Polishing Wheel

  • Three 3 Zone Carbolite Furnaces

    Used with various gasses for annealing and carbonization
  • Furnace in the Fumehood

    For sulphidization of materials.

Our Lab

NINT 5-087

Battery and fouling laboratory


  • Wafer spin coater with vacuum chamber and curing oven

  • Carbolyte thermal cycling chamber (-100°C to 300°C for high speed cooling and heating)

  • 8 channel Solartron potentiostat with impedance analysis capability

    Used for supercapacitor and ORR testing
  • 80 channels on 3 Arbin potentiostats

    Used for battery testing in a temperature controlled incubator
  • Single channel Versastat potentiostat with impedance analysis capability

    Used for batteries and ORR testing
  • Mettler Toledo ultra-microbalance

    Capable of sub microgram mesurements
  • Mettler Toledo analytical balance

    Suitable for heavier samples
  • Wafer spin coater with vacuum chamber and curing oven

  • Fouling Reactor

    Used to test the fouling rate of various alloys in refinery conditions

Our Lab

NINT 3-093

Electronics development laboratory.


  • Environmental testing chamber (-40°C to 180°C)

  • High pressure flow loop (1500psi)

  • Agilent network/spectrum analyzer 100kHz to 1.8GHz

  • Agilent 9000 four channel DSO oscilloscope

  • Arbitrary wave form generator

  • Agilent E4980A Perceision LCR meter

  • SRS 830DSP Digital lock in amplifier

  • SR 560 low noise voltage preamplifier

Our Lab

NINT 3-006

Wet electrochemistry


  • Equipped for wet chemistry and electrodeposition

  • Single channel biologic potentiostat with ultra low current option


U. of Alberta Nanofab

Electrical and Computer Engineering building

An open access facility with deposition, microfabrication and processing equipment including:

  • Physical vapour deposition systems

    Sputtering and evapouration of thin films
  • Lithography

    Both optical and electron beam lithography allows for virtually any scale of devices to be created.
  • Chemical vapour deposition systems

    For deposition of oxides and nitrides.
  • Etching processes

    Many different chemical and plasma etches for silicon, silicon nitride or oxide, metals and glass.

National Institute for Nanotechnology

A multidisciplinary institute operated as a partnership between the University of Alberta and the National Research Council of Canada.